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Military Veteran Reveals Secrets To Earning
Extra Income On the Side the Smart Way

Tim interviewed by world-renowned radio and TV host, Larry King.

​You're about to find out the simple strategies Tim used to go from a middle class Military Veteran to providing his family with a lifestyle of financial security and freedom.

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  • Why the poor get poorer, the wealthy get wealthier and the middle class continues to stress;
  • The different types of income, and the smart type that keeps paying the individual long after he stops working;
  • The formula that Tim and Laura followed to escape the 9-to-5 routine and design a life of both time and financial freedom.

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Laura S. Stay-at-Home Mom & Entrepreneur

As a mom, I can’t imagine having to get up every single day and drop my kid off at day care and then go to work for 8 hours. And then come home after that and only get to be with my family for a few hours before we go to bed, and then wake up and do it again the next day. We get to spend every single day together. During the middle of the day, if we want to go see a movie, we do those things. What we’re doing we don’t consider work because it’s so fun, and because we get to work at home in our pajamas with our family every single day.

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